About Northland Paving

For over 30 years Northland Paving has provided quality asphalt paving services to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the greater Twin Cities metro area. Our team of blacktop experts includes design and planning as well as installation and maintenance crews. Most of our crews have been working together for many years. The benefit to you is a collective group of people who know what they are doing and can get a job done in a very efficient manner.

By having an extensive pre-planning and design group within Northland Paving, we are able to effectively plan multi-phase projects for townhomes and residential projects, and stay on-time for commercial jobs including parking lot paving.

What should you look for in a paving contractor?

  • Attention to detail. When considering asphalt paving contractors, look at their photo gallery. Can you see from the photos whether or not the seams match up? Is the transition from the parking lot pavement to the sidewalk gently sloped to ensure safety and aesthetics? View Northland Paving's photo gallery here.
  • Testimonials. What are others saying about the contractor's you've chosen to consider? Northland Paving has many, many excellent testimonials from satisfied customers in both the residential and commercial sector.
  • Warranty. Do the asphalt contractors on your list offer a warranty? Northland Paving provides a one-year warranty on all of our installations and repairs.

To learn more about Northland Paving or to schedule your free initial consultation, contact us today.

Northland Paving is located in Burnsville, MN. We serve Minneapolis, St. Paul and the greater Twin Cities metro area.