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Paving Is What We Do

We lead with professional crews and a proven track record

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We are proud to work with the best general contractors in the state. Our partners know and trust that Northland Paving crews come with decades of consistent hands-on experience and know-how. Our expertise is more than the number of jobs we've done; we've done a lot, but the depth of knowledge we've gained from working on so many different projects. It means we see things other companies may overlook, work to solve problems quickly, and make sure the project is done right, every time. 


Our work is our signature, and it's why so many companies come back to us again and again. 

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Reliability means we will perform to the standards our construction partners demand and have come to expect from us. At Northland Paving, our projects are completed with the industry's highest quality and safety standards. This commitment isn't top-down; it comes from the field crews and our management team. We know every job we do is important to our customer's success and is a symbol of our dedication and reliability. 

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Northland Paving partners with experienced Union crews for every job. Their commitment to quality and professionalism is a hallmark of union labor. Our contractors and customers know that they mean business when our teams show up at the site. Friendly and hard-working, every job is treated with the same time-tested skills and dedication they are known for.

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Since 2002 we've been helping businesses keep everything straight 

Our Services

We Offer a Range of Services to Meet Your Needs

As our name implies, we're a paving company, and wherever an automotive vehicle is going to drive, park or transport, we provide the smooth and perfect finish to make everything that moves move better. 

From the aggregate base to putting down the pavement to the finishing with wear course and finally the striping. We cover it all, literally. 

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What We do

Our Projects

Our paving projects range from smaller residential properties to massive distribution centers. We work with schools, churches, retail malls, and restaurants, fire stations, and industrial manufacturing facilities. With decades of proven project success, we treat every job no matter the size, with the same expert planning and skills.

Working With The Best

A few of our many partners

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