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Our Services

We've got you covered!

We've been in the paving business for a long time and we know what we're doing. We have a host of offerings to help you at any point in the process. From planning to preparing to paving, we do it all. 

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Parking Lots

Parking lots are a cornerstone of our business. From smaller lots for retail, churches, schools, and medical centers, to massive industrial lots covering millions of square feet for distribution centers, manufacturing facilities, and corporate campuses, we've done the biggest and the best.

When we're finished, we partner with Preferred Striping Minnesota, one of the state's premier striping services. 

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Residential Streets

When people think of paving, they mostly are thinking about streets. We all grew up around paved streets, and we know intuitively they have to be durable, particularly with the kind of weather extremes we get in Minnesota. 

Our street work is unmatched because of our attention to every detail, after all, we have to drive on roads like everyone else, and we know what it takes to get them right. 

Asphalt Patching

We know how rough our state's weather extremes are on parking lots and roads. Like you, we hate driving across roads with potholes and parking in lots that are falling apart. Part of our success is knowing exactly what to do when these things eventually happen on any asphalt surface over time. Our patching crews specialize in restoring your worn surfaces, quickly and professionally. 



One of the most important steps in our work is getting the ground surfaces properly prepared before we put down the asphalt. Our teams know how important and detailed grading is to the success of a project and they make sure we're always doing our best work, no matter how big or small the job is.

Mill And Overlay

Minnesota's weather extremes are bad for asphalt paving. Our milling crews can remove the worn top layer of asphalt, and put down a fresh overlay that will make your street or parking lot look, and drive, like new.  

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Pavement Markings

After we've finished a project, the final step is striping. Whether it's road markings, parking spots, or sporting surfaces such as basketball courts, we trust our longtime partners at Preferred Striping to do the work. 

Concrete Bumpers - Asphalt Curbs

Asphalt and concrete curbs establish a critical boundary to your asphalt and help direct runoff so rain and ice don't accumulate. It's a critical element in maintaining and protecting your investment. 

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