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Northland Paving

Dan Dauffenbach founded Northland Paving in 2002. With a long history in the paving business,

he decided to open his own shop to provide excellent services with a focus on details. He was

committed to retaining his crews each season

and thus built a loyal family of workers who

know each other and have a history of working together. 

Kaye Klinefelter has worked for Dan for the past six years, and when Dan was looking to retire, Kaye decided to buy the company to keep the family together. Ms. Klinefelter took over in December 2021 and is the state's first woman-owned asphalt paving company. 

Since taking over, Northland Paving has turned in one of the biggest and best seasons in the company's history, an encouraging detail for customers who have come to trust Northland Pavings' commitment to quality.  


We're committed to sustaining healthy relationships with our crews and customers by maintaining our focus on integrity, open communication, and best practices for safety. We believe success starts with the quality of the relationships we build and sustain


It's not hard to find an asphalt paving contractor, so we stand out by sustaining the industry's highest standards for safety and service, combined with an exceptional work ethic. Experience is earned.


Our clients know we are accountable to them for every project we get. Our growth isn't only related to a healthy economy but is directly connected to clients who repeatedly return to work with us, year after year. 

Our Mission

We strive to be the best option

There is only one Northland Paving in the Twin Cities. We know we have some good competitors, but the company we compete with first and foremost is ourselves. We always want to be at our best every time on every job. 

We're committed to operating with integrity and competing using the best people and equipment because our jobs don't just last a few days; they'll last for years. That means we will get it right by doing it right.

Asphalt paving isn't a pretty business; it's hard work and takes focus, grit, and good people. That's our stock in trade because our work means more than just the right equipment; it's also the right people to run those machines.

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